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    Spirit FC

    Spirit FC are the elite football arm of GHFA and play in the Football NSW NPL Mens 2 Competition. Read More
  • Skills Aquisition Program (SAP)

    Skills Aquisition Program (SAP)

    GHFA runs Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) for Age Group Under 9 to Under 12. Under the Guidance of Football NSW, SAP provides a clear, professionally delivered development opportunity for young footballers in NSW. Read More
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    Coaching Resources

    Coaches at all levels play a crucial role in ensuring that football is an enjoyable experience for everyone, as well as laying the foundation for the development of better players. Read More
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    Association Youth League

    The Association Youth League provides players an opportunity to play & train at a higher level, forming a link between Club football and Spirit FC. Read More
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    GHFA Academy

    The GHFA Academies provide structured training for local Club players that complements their participation at Club level. The Academy is for players in Under 8 to Under 12. Read More
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    GHFA Competitions

    GHFA provides local competition for all ages, from Under 6 through to Over 45s. The GHFA Premier League provides elite quality football for local players and fans. Read More
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    Small Sided Football

    Small Sided Football, or MiniRoos, is non-competitive football for the U6 to U11 age groups, played with modified rules on smaller fields to engage young players in skills development and maximising fun and enjoyment. Read More
  • Special Needs Football

    Special Needs Football

    Special Needs Football for children with intellectual disabilities. Under the FNSW Football4All program, children have fun and enjoy the benefits of a team sport environment. Read More
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The GHFA Management Committee has agreed to implement a no slide tackle rule in the O45 competition from Round 2 onwards. The wording of the rule is below:

In all grades of GHFA O/45 football ONLY, referees are to consider the following to be an addition to law 12 – Fouls and misconduct:

In challenging for the ball, players other than the goalkeeper must remain on their feet. If a player, other than the goalkeeper, challenges for the ball and, in executing such challenge, goes to ground in a sliding or lunging motion or,
if while on the ground, whether stationary or in motion, a player attempts to challenge for possession of the ball, the referee shall stop play and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team.

Goalkeepers may dive to ground when attempting to challenge for the ball provided that they do so leading with their upper body and/or arms. If a goalkeeper goes to ground in a challenge for the ball leading with his feet or legs, or challenges for the ball with his legs whilst on the ground, the referee shall stop play and award an indirect free kick to the opposition.

NOTE 1: Referees MUST make their primary evaluation of ALL CHALLENGES based upon the fundamentals of law 12. Challenges that are careless, reckless or use excessive force must be sanctioned according to law 12. This local variation applies ONLY to “on the ground” challenges that do not otherwise infringe law 12 as it is written in LOTG.

NOTE 2: If an indirect free kick is awarded under this rule variation, no further sanction (such as a caution) shall apply. Specifically, the red card sanction that results from denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by an offence punishable by a free kick shall not apply.

NOTE 3: It is not an offence to go to ground to play the ball or to play the ball while on the ground provided that no opposing player is in the immediate vicinity.

Restart of play: Play shall be restarted by an indirect free kick to the opposing team taken from the position required by law 13 (Free Kicks) – Section 2. “Procedure”.

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