GHFA & City of Ryde unite to enforce smoking ban

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CHRISTIE Park was the first of 28 sportsgrounds in the City of Ryde to install a smoke-free banner. The banners are being installed across the City to promote the smoking ban that applies to both covered and uncovered spectator areas while they are being used for an organised sporting event. Bill Mitchell Park, the Brush Farm netball courts, Bremner Park, Eastwood Oval and Meadowbank Park were among the venues where banners would be put on display.

No Smoking at Christie ParkThe rollout is the brainchild of Ryde deputy mayor Roy Maggio, who said it was important to send a positive message to people about butting out when there are children around. "Children are particularly vulnerable to environmental tobacco smoke because of their smaller airways and immature immune systems," Cr Maggio said. "This is not a campaign against smokers but a campaign to ensure children are not exposed to these harmful chemicals by declaring that smoking is prohibited within 10 metres of a sporting field," he said.

Gladesville Hornsby Football Association chairman Grahame Clinton said he welcomed the initiative. "As an association, we have a responsibility to make people aware of passive smoking and be firm on acting on this initiative to help protect the health of children who are playing our beautiful game, football," he said.

Exposure to second-hand smoke can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. It can also worsen the effects of other illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis.

Original article: Northern District Times Wednesday 24 June 2015






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