Revised Premiership and Championship Finals Schedule

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This has been a challenging season in regard to the unprecedented wet weather affected rounds. As a result GHFA in the spirit of maintaining the integrity of the Premiership rounds have reduced the Championship to ''first v second'' with this being subject to no further wet weather. At the request of members to seek additional football for all age groups, GHFA has successfully negotiated with the relevant Councils to extend the Premiership to 15 & 16 August 2015. This has resulted in new schedule for 15 & 16 August and changes to the Championship Finals schedule.


The fixtures originally scheduled on 18 & 19 July will now be played on 15 & 16 August at the same time and place EXCEPT some games require time and/or venue changes due to Hornsby Council closing the following grounds:

  • Oakleigh 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Ruddock 1 & 2
  • Edward Bennett
  • John Purchase
  • Thomas Thompson
  • Holly Cross 2, 3 & 4 (unavailable due to a College Gala Day)

Summary of relocated matches for 15 & 16 August 2015.

All players, managers, coaches and Club Officials should confirm their matches for the 15 & 16 August 2015 in CompMan Fixtures & Tables.

I take this opportunity to thank Michael Masulans (STA), Frank Marchi (MCS), Keith Everard (WPH), Craig Black (WRR), Malcolm Arnold (YMA), Buck Findlay (GHFA Competitions Director) for their time last night working through the schedule. Whilst it is a challenge to manage the expectations of 14,000 members of GHFA this group provided their time to assist in scheduling the additional round notwithstanding the ground closures.


The revised Championship Finals schedule takes into account the restricted availabilities of grounds. Due to GHFA Regional Conference considerations we have allocated U/12 – U/15 Division 1 grand finals to be played on Saturday 22 August which resulted in some other changes.

GHFA will now conduct all grand finals including Division 1 on the same weekend being 22 & 23 August so we appeal to all Club executives to assist the GHFA Board at all Championship presentations at the following venues:

  • Christie Park
  • Meadowbank
  • Morrison
  • Hayes Park

Premier League and Super League semi-finals will be played at Eastwood Oval and View Street on 22 August, and ELS Hall and Christie Park on Wednesday 26 August. The Premier League and Super League Championship Finals have been scheduled at Christie Park on Saturday 29 August.

Championship Finals Schedule & Instructions Rev2 29Jul15

It should be noted that matches have been scheduled where possible in order to get players on the park. Some Clubs may be asked to dress or undress grounds even though their Club may not be the first or last fixture of the day. In some instances fixtures scheduled on Saturday may now be played on Sunday so you are encouraged to check CompMan Fixtures & Tables.

We trust that players and team officials will acknowledge the effort of a few to get the majority playing another full round.

GHFA wishes all players and teams the best of luck for the remaining Premiership rounds, and also for those reaching the Championship Finals.

Graham Streeter, General Manager






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