GHFA By-Laws

The By-Laws of the GHFA are reproduced here.

The By-Laws published as a pdf document, are the formal By-Laws of GHFA. If there is any discrepancy between the reproduced By-Laws as listed below and the published pdf document, the published pdf document shall have precedence.  

1.0 10 Dec 2014 Rewrite of entire document.
1.1 5 Mar 2015 Clause 7.2.5 updated to include duration of matches (omitted from Ver1.0)
1.2 18 Nov 2015

Add new Clause 2.3.1, replace Clause 8.6.1 in its entirety. Renumber subsequent Clauses appropriately

Delete Clause 7.2 in its entirety and replace with new Clause 7.2

Amend clause 7.5 to: All Under 6, Under 7, Under 8 shall be differentiated in the fixture list by colours or animals.

Add new Clause 7.14.1

Add new Clause 8.1.12 and renumber subsequent Clauses appropriately

Change Clause to Clause 8.8.7 and renumber subsequent Clauses appropriately

Modify Clause 8.1.12

Delete Clause 8.2.2 in entirety and renumber subsequent Clauses appropriately.

Delete Clause 8.4.3 in entirety and renumber subsequent Clauses appropriately.

Delete Clause 8.6.5 in entirety and renumber subsequent Clauses appropriately.

Replace Clause 8.7.2 in its entirety

Replace Clause 8.7.3 in its entirety

Replace Clause 8.6.9 in its entirety

Amend fines in Clause 13.5

Delete the definition of ID Card in entirety and replace with new definition of “Photo ID”

In the entire By-Laws, replace the term “ID Card” with “Photo ID”

Replace Clause 3.3 in its entirety

Delete Clause 8.3.6 in its entirety and replace with new Clause 8.3.6

Add new Clause and renumber subsequent Clauses appropriately

Delete Clause 7.3 in its entirety and replace with new Clause 7.3

Delete Clauses 5.3.1, 5.3.2 and 5.3.3 in entirety and replace with new Clauses

Add new Clause 7.9 and renumber subsequent clauses appropriately
2.0 9 March 2016

Delete Clause 7.7 and renumber subsequent clauses

Amend new Clause 7.10 regarding notice for forfeits

3.0 8 June 2016

Insert new section 8.6.8 and renumber the following clauses 8.6.8 up to 8.6.12 accordingly,

Current 8.6.8 (becomes 8.6.9) and change wording

4.0 16 Nov 2016

New clause and

5.0 8 Mar 2017 Various amendments to give effect to use of electronic team sheets
New clause 8.4.6 re substitutions in PL & SL First Grade
6.0 28 Nov 2017

Clauses 2.3, 4.13, and Delete clauses pertaining to regional Conference.

Clause 2.4.2: Allowing PL/SL nominations to be extended.

Clauses 4.15 and 4.20: Revised final registration date.

Clause 5.4.2: allowance for mesh bibs as a suitable alternate strip.

Clause 7.5: revised SSG division naming.

Clause Clarified application of maximum goal difference in youth matches.

Clauses,, and Add additional criteria to determine table position, including the declaration of joint Premiers as required.

Definitions and Clauses 8.1.18, 8.11: Add new clause about abandoned matches.

Clauses 8.1.19 and 8.10: Formalisation of the No-Slide tackle Rule for Over 45s.

Clause Use of knock-out semi-finals for grades Under 18 and higher when only one round of round robin can be scheduled.

Clauses, and Change to Championship Finals, U17+ Div 1 includes golden goal extra time, U17+ have no extra time, both go to penalties thereafter. U16- no change.

Delete Clause 8.3.8 and add Clause 2.3.4: regards the number of squads a Club may provide for Premier League and Super League.

Clause 8.4.6: Adding “More than sixteen (16) names appearing on a team sheet will constitute a forfeit against that team.” to Premier League and Super League first grade, to be consistent with Reserve Grade.

Clauses 8.6.12 and Fixing of typographical errors.
7.0 14 Feb 2018

Amendments for use of electronic teamsheets:

Amended By Laws - 3.2, 4.3 to 4.5, 7.16,,, 8.5.2, 8.5.3, 8.5.4, 8.5.6 to 8.5.8, 8.6.2, 8.6.3, 8.7.3, 8.8, 13.5,

Amendments to give effect to Temporary Dismissals:

New clause 9.2, new clause 14
8.0 7 Mar 2018

Clause 4.6.1 amended to allow for two players over 40 in O45

New clause 4.6.3 to allow for clubs to apply for additional under age players for O45s



Text in italics is for commentary purposes only and does not form part of the By Laws.


Within these By Laws the following items shall have the meaning defined in this table.

Item Definition
The Association Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Incorporated 
Abandoned Match A scheduled match that has commenced (i.e. active play has begun with first half kick-off), but for which play is stopped and not recommenced (e.g. due to poor light, inclement weather, player injury).
Accident Support Program For the purposes of these By Laws Accident Support program refers to the player insurance program managed by FNSW.
Association Office The Offices of GHFA at Christie Park, Christie Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113
By Laws These By Laws of the Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Incorporated, including Schedules.
The Board The Board of Directors of the GHFA
Constitution The Constitution of Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Incorporated
Club A member club of the Association 
Competitions Competitions shall refer to both non-competitive and competitive football. 
Competitions Director The person or persons to whom the task of managing and controlling competitions has been delegated by the Board.
Field "Field of play" as defined in the FIFA Laws of the Game, or other marked area defined in these By Laws for the purpose of playing a football match. It is the area enclosed by the 2 goal lines and 2 touch lines.
FFA Football Federation Australia
FNSW Football New South Wales
GHFA  Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Incorporated
GDR Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations of GHFA
GPT General Purpose Tribunal, as defined in the Constitution.
Grading Committee As defined in the Constitution.
Ground Area enclosing a single field. A ground extends beyond the field boundaries to encompass stands, areas for spectators, markings, nets, flags, fences, amenities etc, as appropriate. Note that local sporting complexes may contain multiple grounds of varying sizes and common use facilities.
Higher Division A Higher Division Competition is defined within each Grade (Age Group) typically with Division 1 as the highest, Division 2 second highest, etc. Note that Higher Divisions are in inverse numerical order. Divisions designated by colours or animals have no higher or lower rankings. For the purposes of these By Laws, divisions designated by colours or animals are considered lower than any numerical division of any higher grade.
Higher Grade A Higher Grade competition is defined by the following sequences: (from lowest to highest)
1. U6, U7, U8, U9 ... U17, U18, U19-23, AA, Super League, Premier League, or
2. O45, O35, AA, Super League, Premier League.
Photo ID The official photo-identity issued by the Association to registered team officials and players.
MC Management Committee
My Football Club The on-line Registration system managed by the FFA.
Postponed Match A scheduled match that has not been commenced (i.e. no first half kick-off), e.g. due to inclement weather, field damage.
Private Academy A provider of football tuition which is not a club registered with FFA or FNSW.
Referee Official Referee as appointed by the Referees Association, or a Club Referee agreed by the team officials where no Official Referee is appointed. For non-competitive football, this is the Game Leader or Instructing Referee as defined in the FFA MiniRoos rules and guidelines.
Referees Association Gladesville Hornsby Football Referees Association
Secretary Secretary of the Board of Directors
SGM Special General Meeting
SSF Small Sided Football (also known as MiniRoos)
Strip Committee  As defined in the Constitution.
Team Sheet
Official record of players, scores and other details for each match, and can be paper based or electronic
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