GHFA By-Laws


This By Law defines who, how and when the By Laws can be altered, amended or corrected.

1.1. Each member Club shall have the right to apply for variations or amendments of these By Laws.

1.2. The Board shall schedule an SGM in November each year for consideration of changes to the By Laws. Notice of Motion for changes to be considered at that SGM shall close with the Secretary not later than 30th September of each year.

1.2.1. This does not preclude the calling of an SGM at any other time of the year in accordance with the Constitution to consider alterations to the By Laws or any other matter.

1.3. Notices of Motion of variations or amendments of the By Laws shall be considered by a SGM. The By Laws shall only be varied by a majority vote of those persons in attendance and entitled to vote.

1.4. Amended By Laws as carried at an SGM shall be published as a new principal version, such as version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc.

1.5. The MC shall have the power to correct minor issues with the By-Laws, such as typographical errors or grammatical errors that do not change the intent or application of the By-Laws as determined by the SGM. Such amended By-Laws shall be published as new minor versions, such as 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.

1.6. The MC shall have the power to grant special case exemptions to the By-Laws, if recommended by the Board. Exemptions will be recorded in MCM minutes.

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