GHFA By-Laws


This By Law defines the fees and fines that may be applied to Clubs, teams or players in accordance with general By Laws.

13.1. GHFA Forfeit Fees:

          Under 6 to Under 8  $15.00
  Under 9 to Under 11  $20.00
  Under 12 to Under 14  $25.00
  Under 15 to Under 16  $30.00
  Under 17 to AA $75.00
  Over 35 to Over 45 $75.00
  Premier League & Super League $100.00

In addition to the above fees, if notification of such forfeit is NOT given to the Association by 4.00pm on the Friday preceding the game then the team forfeiting shall also be liable for the appropriate match officials' fees for the forfeited game.

13.2. Protest Fee: $200.00

13.3. Appeal Fee: $250.00 ($100 of which is not refundable)

13.4. Late Team Registration Fine: $100.00

13.5. GHFA General Fines:

            Undressed Grounds $50.00 
  No Ball  $10.00 per team per match
  No, late or incorrect result submitted to GHFA  $10.00 per team per match
  Non-attendance at MC Meeting  $50.00
  More than the allowed players on teamsheet $5.00 per team per match
  Non-numbered Shirts $5.00 per team per match
  Missing player ID numbers on teamsheet $5.00 per team per match
  Missing upgraded player’s team on teamsheet $5.00 per player per match
  No Team Official ID (ID card or Armband) $5.00
  No Alternate Strip $50.00
  Failing to return perpetual trophy by due date $100.00 each trophy
  No teamsheet submitted by the required time $25.00 per team/match
  Played unregistered players $50.00 per team/match
  Player missing from teamsheet $25.00 per player/match
  Incorrect shirt number listed on teamsheet $5.00 per player/match

13.6. The MC shall have the power to waive any fees or fines.

13.7. State Competitions:

13.7.1. Failure to notify results by the prescribed time in the prescribed manner - $250 (or such other amount as FNSW may impose)

13.7.2. Forfeit Fee - $250 (or such other amount as FNSW may impose)

13.8. Fines for non-competitive football shall be $5.00 per infringement except where varied by By Law 7.16 or By Law 13.1.

13.9. Fine for not complying with Strip & Sponsorship (see By Law 5.3.1) shall not exceed $500.

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