GHFA By-Laws


This By Law defines how Clubs nominate teams to the Association, and how they are graded or allocated into competitions, and how team registrations are completed.

2.1. Clubs entering team/s in the Association shall not be permitted to enter the same team/s in any other competition run outside the Association without the permission of the MC.

2.2. Teams consisting of a majority of players registered with a private academy or other external provider and/or coached and/or managed by a private academy or other external provider, are not permitted to register in the Association.

2.2.1. Any team proved to have breached By- Law 2.2 may be fined or suspended for a period to be determined by the GPT.

2.2.2. Teams found to have breached By-Law 2.2 shall be ineligible to participate in the FNSW Champion of Champions competition


2.3.1. Teams must be nominated by Clubs in the manner prescribed by the Board.

2.3.2. The closing date for the nomination of teams for the next season, except for Premier League and Super League, shall be fixed by the Board at the completion of the current season. Premier League and Super League nominations must be received at the Association Office by 5.00pm on the last Friday in November of the preceding year.

2.3.3. Clubs shall submit sufficient information with team nominations to enable the Grading Committee to facilitate suitable team grading.


2.4.1. Following the closing date for entries by Clubs for teams in each grade, the Grading Committee shall meet and arrange suitable competitions for the season.

2.4.2. If insufficient entries are received in any grade, that competition may be suspended for the year. The Board may extend the deadline for nominations for Premier League and Super League if insufficient suitable nominations are received for these competitions by the nominal date.

2.4.3. When there is a combination of two teams into one from the previous year then the highest division for grading for the current year for the nominated team will be no higher than the average of the previous year's two divisions unless nominated by the Club. Clubs submitting such nominations shall advise the names of at least four (4) players from the previous season's higher graded team.


2.5.1. A team consisting of not less than four (4) players for Under 6 to Under 8; five (5) players for Under 9 to Under 11; seven (7) players for Under 12 to Over 45; and fourteen (14) players for Premier League and Super League must be registered with the Association by the date and time determined in By Law 2.3.2

2.5.2. Clubs with outstanding teams not registered as in By Law 2.6.1 must seek re-admission for these teams at any MC meeting prior to the first competitive game. Any team re-admitted shall be subject to a late team fine, as per By Law 13.

2.5.3. Registration of additional players will then be accepted up until the day and time scheduled by the Board for that year as the 'close of registrations' for each week subject to By Law 4.15.

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