GHFA By-Laws


This By Law requires that all teams registered with the Association have a team coach and/or team manager registered with the Association to facilitate communication with teams.

3.1. Each team must have at least one (1) team official, who may be either a coach or manager, registered with the Association by the fourth competition game.

3.1.1. Any team which does not have at least one team official registered by the due date of By Law 3.1 shall forfeit subsequent matches until such time as By Law 3.1 is satisfied.

3.2. All registered team officials shall have their Photo ID included in their registered team’s Photo ID sheets issued by the Association.

3.3. Team Officials, including stand-in Team Officials, must wear a GHFA armband for the period during which they are acting in that capacity. In the event that a Team Official is also a player in that Team, the Team Official shall identify themselves as such to the Referee prior to kick-off and are not required to wear armbands whilst on the field.

3.4. The team officials shall be noted on the team sheet for all games in which they are acting in that capacity.

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