GHFA By-Laws


This By Law requires that all players are registered with the Association. It also defines the eligibility criteria for playing in the various competitions and how players registered for one team may be re-registered with another team.

4.1. Any person wishing to participate in competitions, or matches conducted by this Association must be properly registered with the Association. No contracted players shall register with the Association.

4.2. A player shall become a registered player with the Association once all of the following have taken place –

4.2.1. The player or parent/guardian must complete and sign a My Football Club electronic registration form thus agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of FFA, FNSW, the Association and the Club.

4.2.2. The player must pay to the Club the relevant club registration fee.

4.2.3. The Club must submit to the Association the player's registration and photo as prescribed by the Board, in the manner prescribed by the Board.

4.3.       Registration of a player requires submission to the Association of a digital photograph of the player meeting the requirements of this clause. Registration of players will not be accepted if they are submitted without a suitable digital photograph, or with digital photographs not meeting these requirements.

4.3.1      Registered photographs shall be updated a minimum of every two (2) years for players seeking registration in age groups up to Under16 years.

4.3.2      Photographs for players seeking registration in Age groups Under 17 to All Age, Over Age, Premier League and Super League shall be updated a minimum of every five (5) years.

4.3.3      The registered photograph shall be updated where the Club or Association considers a player has sufficiently changed their appearance so that the player is not easily recognised from the current registration photo.

4.4. For the purposes of the "Accident Support Program", a player is considered registered with the Club from the time he/she completes the aforesaid electronic registration and may submit a claim to the insurance company upon the Club completing the player's registration with the Association.

4.5. To be eligible to play in "under age" grades, a player must be under the relevant age on the 31st December of the previous year.

4.6. To be eligible to play in "over age" grades, a player must be over the relevant age on 31st December in the previous year.

4.6.1   To be eligible to play in the over 45 competition, a player must be over the age of 45 on 31st December in the previous year, however each team may register a maximum of two (2) players who are 40 years old or over.  To be eligible the players must turn 40 before 31st December in the previous year.

4.6.2. Saving Provision. Players aged Under 45 who were registered in Over 45 in 2014 may re-register for the same team (more than six returning players from the same team) in subsequent seasons. A returning team (even if merged) must not have more than four (4) Under 45 players.

4.6.3   For O45s, a club may request dispensation for more than two under age players as per 4.6.1. This shall be considered for approval by both the Grading Committee and Management Committee.

4.7. Players registering for non-competitive football must have turned four (4) years old by, or on, the 31st December in the previous year.

4.8. Clubs must ensure a player is eligible to play in his/her registered age group by obtaining documented proof of age. Any breach of this By Law shall result in any game in which the player plays being deemed to be a forfeit.

4.8.1. Clubs entering teams in age group competitions must provide original birth certificates or satisfactory evidence of age of players if requested by the Association.

4.8.2. The Competitions Director may, at his/her discretion, deduct competition points in respect of each game played by the player or players in question until evidence of age is provided. An aggrieved Club may seek an MC review of any such decision under this By Law.

4.9. A Club may apply to the MC in writing for permission for a player to be downgraded within his/her Club where he/she is qualified by age for the lower grade. Downgrading for players from the grade/division in which they are registered to another grade or division shall cease after the fourth match of the Premiership Competition.

4.10. No player may be registered with more than one Football Club at any one time in any one competition season.

4.11. Any registered player proved to have played in any competition match of Association Football outside the Association without the permission of the MC may be suspended for a period to be determined by the GPT.

4.12. No player may be registered with the Association after close of business, two full working days prior to the 30 June. Clubs must seek confirmation from GHFA that players being registered in the last week prior to 30 June are authorised by the Association prior to their participation in a fixture.

4.13. A player having been registered with the Association as a member of a Club may deregister from that Club and register with another Club upon the Club notifying the Association in writing that the player has been deregistered in "My Football Club".

4.14. Where a player deregisters from one Club and registers with another Club, the first Club will only be charged the appropriate amount of registration as defined in Section 27 (6) of the Constitution. The second Club will be charged the full insurance and registration fee.

4.15. No registered player may deregister from one Club and register with another Club on more than one occasion in any one season.

4.16. Any player who seeks to deregister from one Club and register with another Club and is refused a clearance from his/her Club may appeal in writing to the MC for permission to register with another Club.

4.17. No player may be deregistered from one Club and registered with another Club, or from one team to another team within a Club, after the close of player registrations as in By Law 4.14

4.18. If an affiliated Club has more than one registered team playing in the same grade and division, it shall not permit any player to interchange within these two teams unless the interchange is previously sanctioned by the MC.

4.19. Transfer of the registration of a player of a Club between teams in the same grade and division or in the same grade and a lower division may be sanctioned by the MC.

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