GHFA By-Laws


This By Law requires that all Clubs register their playing strip with the Association to ensure it complies with appropriate standards, for example sponsorship.

5.1. Players in all matches must appear in proper uniform, comprising shirt, shorts and socks in the Club's colours; and approved footwear and shin pads.

5.2. Approval for colour registration/alteration and also changes to any part of a Club's strip must be submitted by the first MC meeting in February each year for consideration by the Strip Committee. Requests for approval of new strip or changes to existing strip must be accompanied by full colour photographs of the front and rear of shirts, shorts and socks.

5.3. Clubs must seek permission from the Strip Committee before putting advertising/sponsorship on their playing strip. If approved, patches will only be allowed as follows –

5.3.1. A patch not exceeding 450 cm2 (21 x 21) cm shall be permitted on the front of shirts.

5.3.2. A patch not exceeding 300cm2 (15cm x 20cm) and a maximum height of 15cm on the rear of shirts (2cm below shirt number).

5.3.3 A patch not exceeding 100cm2 (10cm x 10cm) shall be permitted on each sleeve of shirts.

5.4.4 A patch not exceeding 100cm2 (10cm x 10cm) shall be permitted on the front-side of each leg of shorts.

5.3.5. Any Club not complying with this By Law shall be subject to a fine as per By Law 13.

5.3.6. Any Club incurring a fine, as in By Law 5.3.5 shall modify sponsorship patches within fourteen (14) days of notification.

5.4. Where the colours of Clubs' strip are similar, the Strip Committee shall determine if a 'clash of strip' has occurred. The visiting team (as per fixture list) shall be the team to change when a designated clash of strip occurs, unless otherwise directed by the MC.

5.4.1. Uniquely numbered bibs of a different colour to the Club's regular strip and of different colour to the opposition strip, will be sufficient to satisfy a change of strip.

5.5. The Association must ensure that the Referees Association is issued with a list of colour clashes designated by the Strip Committee.

5.6. For games where the Strip Committee has designated a colour clash, it will be the responsibility of the Manager or Coach of the home team to inform the referee prior to the commencement of the game if the visiting team is not wearing an alternate strip. The referee must then note this on the team sheet. The game will then continue as normal at the discretion of the referee.

5.7. When requested by the Strip Committee, a sample of each Club's current playing strip must be supplied to the Strip Committee for approval.

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