GHFA By-Laws


This By Law requires that all Clubs provide consistent and appropriate ground dressing for their assigned grounds.

6.1. The Competitions Director shall allocate a ground or grounds to each Club to dress.

6.2. Dressing shall consist of 4 corner posts, 2 nets, post and rope barriers to both sidelines at a minimum of 1.5m from the sideline.

6.2.1. For matches where By-Law 8.2.3 applies, that ground shall also have easily visible posts or cones placed at the 25m mark out from each goal line, placed 1m outside each touch line.

6.3. Clubs must dress grounds at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off of the first game on that ground, and clubs must ensure all ground dressing is maintained until the completion of the last game on that ground that day.

6.3.1. Where a ground has more than one playing field, each playing field may be treated separately for the purpose of By Law 6.3.

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