GHFA By-Laws


This By Law defines how non-competitive football (small sided football, MiniRoos) is structured for each season. Non-competitive football is to foster skills development of younger players.

7.1. Except where varied in these By Laws, non-competitive football games shall be played in accordance with FFA MiniRoos Match Rules.

7.2. Games shall be played as follows:

 7.2.1. For Under 6s and Under 7s, 4 v 4 games shall be played in twenty (20) minute halves with a five (5) minute half time on a field approximately 30 x 20 metres with portable goals 2m x 1m and ball size 3.

7.2.2. For Under 8s and Under 9s, 7 v 7 games shall be played in twenty (20) minute halves with a five (5) minute half time on a field approximately 50 x 35 metres with goals 3m x 2m and ball size 3.

7.2.3. For Under 10s and Under 11s, 9 v 9 games shall be played in twenty five (25) minute halves with a five (5) minute half time on a field approximately 70 x 45 metres with goals 5m x 2m and ball size 4.

7.3. Match results and "competition" style tables shall not be published by the Association or Clubs.

7.4. Managers, Coaches, Club Officials or Spectators may not take the field unless requested to do so by the Referee and then only in the case of injury.

7.5 All Under 6, Under 7 and Under 8 shall be differentiated in the fixture list by colours or animals. All Under 9, Under 10 and Under 11 shall be differentiated in the fixture list by division numbers as per the definition of “higher division” in the DEFINITIONS section of these By-Laws.

7.6. The season will end the week prior to the Championship Finals of By Law 8.

7.7. Easter Saturday and Sunday, if they fall after the start of the season, will be a bye for all teams.

7.8. Where ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday will be a bye for all teams

7.9 Matches washed out by rain or unplayable due to ground unavailability shall not be replayed. No application for deferred games shall be considered.

7.10. Teams forfeiting without prior notice to Clubs (4.00pm on the Friday preceding the game, or 5.00pm on the Wednesday preceding the games in the case of games on the middle weekend of the NSW State School holidays) shall incur a forfeit fee, as prescribed in the By Law relating to Fees and Fines.

7.11. In all games if the commencement of a game is delayed, a shorter period of time must be played in equal halves to ensure the game is completed prior to the scheduled commencement of the next game.

7.12. No addition is to be made to the duration of either half of the game in the event of time being lost due to injury or any other occurrence that causes play to be suspended.

7.13. Unlimited player interchange is permissible at any time during the game, subject to the authority of the referee.

7.14. The Association may allocate official referees for specific grades of non-competitive football. The Association shall advise Clubs of such Age Groups prior to the commencement of the first match. For Age Groups that have official referees appointed, By Law 8.9 applies and teams must complete team sheets as per By Law 8.8.

7.14.1 For grades/division where official referees are appointed, players taking the field of play in any game must have shirts with unduplicated numbers within their team, including any upgraded players. Shirt numbers for all players in each team shall correspond to the number appearing on the team sheet for that player.

7.15. Fines for non-competitive football shall be set in By Law 13 for the first infringement. Except for forfeit fines, this fine may be doubled per team per week to deter further infringements by specific teams or Clubs, at the discretion of the GPT.

7.16.      Player IDs may be reviewed and/or confirmed by a Director of the Association at any time during a match.

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