GHFA By-Laws


This By Law defines how grievance or disciplinary matters are dealt with.

9.1. All aspects of grievance and disciplinary matters are set out in the Association Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations attached as a Schedule to these By Laws. The Schedule is to be read in conjunction with these By Laws and the Association Constitution.


9.2.1      All Competitions from Under 18 to All Age, Over 35 to Over 45, Premier League and Super League shall use Temporary Dismissals yellow cards in accordance with Law 5 of the Rules of the Game, subject to the use of Temporary Dismissal System B of that Rule.

9.2.2      A Temporary Dismissal Yellow Card is issued by a Match Official to a Player for the following cautionable offences only:

Code      Description

Y2         The player shows dissent by action or word

9.2.3 The procedures for Temporary Dismissals are found in Section 14.

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