GHFA Constitution

The Constitution of the GHFA is reproduced here.

The Constitution published as a pdf document, GHFA Constitution, is the formal Constitution of GHFA. If there is any discrepancy between the reproduced Constitution as listed below and the published pdf document, the published pdf document shall have precedence.

26 Nov 2014

Section 28(3) replace Super League with Senior Football

Section 29 replaced.

11 Mar 2015

14(2)(f) to (h) replaced with new 14(2)(f) to (i) regarding removal, resignation, replacement and indemnity of Directors.

25 Nov 2015

24.2(4) replaced regarding election procedures

27(9) replaced regarding reimbursements for Council charges

9 March 2016

11.3 Replace 'soccer' with 'Football'

17 Change one reference to EC to Board

20. Heading changed to reflect amended title of Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations

23 Change to reflect amended title of Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations

24.2(2) delete previous clause (d) New clause (d) insert words "for the Association"before text and amend clause reference to 11.1

27. Where a heading referred to a specific clause no relating to a fine, replaced with "Refer to clause relating to Fees and Fines"

29(2) New sentence added re approval of Director's expenses

16 Nov 2016

14.2 Change to terms of Directors to 2 years and process for determining sequence of retirements. Insertion of no max number of terms

20 Change to relect changed section numbering in GDR

24.4 Insertion of electronic mail as a means of notice

24 (10) (a) Clarification that PL and SL counts as 2 teams in calculation of voting strength

25 Insertion of electronic ballots

27 Replace 'Saturday' with 'Weekend'

16 Nov 2017

20. Update to structure of GPT and other tribunals and Representative Committee

Replace "Chairman" with "Chairperson" throughout

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