GHFA Constitution

11. Scope of Jurisdiction

11.1 The Association shall affiliate for the forthcoming season in accordance with the decision made at each AGM. It shall adopt the Laws of the Game as set down by the International Football Association Board and shall apply the decisions, interpretations and amendments thereof, approved by FNSW.

11.2 The jurisdiction of the Association shall cover all Association Officials, Clubs, Teams, Grounds, Club Officials, Team Officials and matches within its boundaries.

11.3 The jurisdiction of the Association may be extended beyond its boundaries by arrangement with other Football Associations and with the approval, if necessary of FNSW. Jurisdiction shall also cover players representing the Association in matches or competitions played outside its boundaries.

11.4 All teams playing Association Football under the rules laid down by the International Board shall be eligible to play under the Association.

11.5 The Association may conduct matches or such functions as it may deem desirable and no Club shall organise matches or functions which conflict with the Association's events without first obtaining permission of the Association.


(a) The Association shall at all times be bound by the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of FNSW

(b) Where there is any inconsistency between any provision of the Rules of GHFA Inc. and those of FNSW, then to the extent of such inconsistency the Constitution or Rules and Regulations of FNSW shall prevail.

(c) GHFA Inc. shall be bound by the lawful decisions of the Board of Football NSW Ltd. and it shall do all things reasonably necessary to implement and enforce such decisions.

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