GHFA Constitution

21. Delegation by Board or MC to sub-committee

21.1 The Board or MC may, by instrument in writing, delegate to one or more sub-committees (consisting of such member or members of the association as the Board or MC, as the case may be, thinks fit) the exercise of such of the functions of the committee as are specified in the instrument, other than:

(a) this power of delegation, and

(b) a function which is a duty imposed on the Board or MC or the public officer by: (i) the Act or by any other law, or by

(ii) this constitution, or by
(iii) resolution of the Association in general meeting

21.2 A function the exercise of which has been delegated under this clause may, while the delegation remains unrevoked, be exercised from time to time in accordance with the terms of the delegation.

21.3 A delegation under this clause may be made subject to such conditions or limitations as to the exercise of any function, or as to time or circumstances, as may be specified in the instrument of delegation. The delegation may be revoked, by instrument in writing, at any time wholly or partly, by the entity which originally made it.

21.4 Despite any delegation under this clause, the Board or MC, as the case may be, may continue to exercise any function delegated.

21.5 The MC may, by instrument in writing, revoke wholly or in part any delegation under this clause.

21.6 A sub-committee may meet and adjourn as it thinks proper.

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