GHFA Constitution

23. Functions of Committees

(1) The functions of the Disciplinary Committee, Appeals Tribunal and General Purposes Tribunal are set out in the GHFA Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations which form part of the By-Laws.

(2) Strip Committee:

(a) The Strip Committee shall be empowered to approve or reject any new strip or changes to existing strip (including advertising) and to require alternate strip to be used against certain Clubs where colours are similar.

(b) The Strip Committee shall maintain a record of strip approved and requirements for changing to alternate strip and shall meet as required having been given 48 hours notice, however notice may be waived at the discretion of the Chairperson.

(3) Grading Committee:

The Grading Committee shall grade all teams who play in GHFA Inc.

(4) Management Committee:


(i) The MC shall consist of one (1) delegate from each of the affiliated Clubs and the Directors of the Association. The delegate shall be a member of the Executive or Management Committee of the affiliated Club who is in a position to have knowledge of the current affairs of such Club. In the event of the named delegate not being able to attend a meeting, each affiliated Club shall nominate an alternate delegate, such person to have the qualifications as described herein.
(ii) Questions arising at the meeting shall be determined by a majority of the votes of members of the MCM present and entitled to vote.
(iii) The MC shall meet as required, normally Wednesday. A Special MCM may be called by the Secretary by giving, where possible, 24 hours notice to members.
(iv) A quorum shall be:
At least four (4) of the Directors of the Association and
Half of Affiliated Clubs
(v) Any member of the MC deemed guilty of conduct considered prejudicial to the interest of the Association may be removed by a majority at any MCM.
(vi) If within half an hour after the appointed time for the commencement of a MCM a quorum is not present, the meeting if convened upon the requisition of members shall be dissolved and in any other case shall stand adjourned to the same day in the following week at the time and (unless another place is specified at the time of the adjournment by the person presiding at the meeting or communicated by written notice to members given before the day to which the meeting is adjourned) at the same place.
(vii) If at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within half an hour after the time appointed for the commencement of the meeting, the members present (being not less than seven) shall constitute a quorum.
(viii) The accepted rules of Parliamentary Debate shall apply to all MCMs.
(ix) The MC shall generally administer the Association business, which shall include:-
(1) Admission or rejection of application by teams for registration and decisions on competitions to be conducted.
(2) Admission or rejection of applications by persons for regrading or transfers.
(3) Approval or rejection of player's application for regrading or transfers.
(4) Suspension of any Club from participation in any competition or matches under the jurisdiction of the Association.
(5) Suspension or expulsion of any Club Official or Club Member (who is not an Association Official or member of the MC) from participation in Association affairs where such Club Official or Club Member is deemed guilty of conduct considered prejudicial to the interests of the Association.
(6) Control and management of all finances of the Association with the exception of honoraria.
(7) Control and management of all competitions and matches conducted by the Association.
(8) Instructions to the Competitions Director to make alterations to match results and point scores, resulting from cases or proved ineligibility of players.
(9) Formation of Sub-Committees such as Social, Constitution and Ladies Auxiliary etc.
(10) Appointment of delegates to represent the Association at meetings of the body to which it is affiliated. (The delegate/s shall vote as authorised by the Association or if not specifically instructed, in the manner they deem to be in the best interests of the game and the Association).


(i) Any member except a Life Member may move for a rescission of any motion carried by the MC. Such rescission motion shall be heard and dealt with by a SGM. The member should submit the rescission motion to the office of the Association within seven (7) days of notification by the MC.
(ii) If still dissatisfied the member may appeal to the body with which the Association is affiliated in accordance with such body's constitution.

(5) Representative Committee:

The Representative Committee shall:

(a) Administer representative football for the Association.

(b) Foster and develop football in the Gladesville-Hornsby area at a representative level.

(c) Promote excellence in playing and coaching standards.

(d) Report its actions to the MC and supply the MC with regular reports on the progress of all representative teams of the Association.

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