GHFA Constitution

26. Affiliation

(1) Any Club wishing to participate in competitions or matches conducted by this Association shall apply, in writing to the Secretary of the Board for affiliation.

(2) Each Club shall upon affiliation, be supplied with a copy of the Association's Constitution and By- Laws.

(3) Any Club wishing to resign from the Association shall intimate the same in writing to the Secretary of the Board. No resignation shall be accepted unless all outstanding moneys and dues have been paid.

(4) Each team of a Club shall be regarded as a separate entity in each age group and/or division and/or grade.

(5) Clubs shall apply to the MC for permission to enter a team or teams in special competitions run by other recognised bodies.

(6) Any Club with moneys outstanding from the previous Financial Year will not be considered for nomination of teams.

(7) Any team nominating to play in the annual competition must be part of an affiliated Club.

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