G. & D. Regulations

The Grievance & Disciplinary Regulations of the GHFA are reproduced here. They are a Schedule to the GHFA By-Laws.

The Grievance & Disciplinary Regulations published as a pdf document, Grievance & Disciplinary Regulations, are the formal Grievance & Disciplinary Regulations of GHFA. If there is any discrepancy between the reproduced Grievance & Disciplinary Regulations as listed below and the published pdf document, the published pdf document shall have precedence.  

2014   Original document.
Nov 2014 26 Nov 2014
Insert a new paragraph 7.2(g)
Replace paragraph 12.4(a)
Expand R6 in Table of Offences into three categories.
Modify Application fees in Schedule 3.
Add email addresses to Schedule 4.
Nov 2015 2 Dec 2015
Change of document name to remove year
Correct typo in paragraph 3 (c)
Paragraph 6.1 (f) to remove GM from DC or GPT
Modify paragraphs 7.2 (a) and (g)
Paragraph 7.3 (b) correction
Modify paragraph 7.5 (c)
Modify paragraph 8.1 (a) iii
Modify paragraph 8.5 (c)
Schedule 2 R3 expanded - change to wording for clarification
Schedule 4 - amendment of email addresses
Nov 2016 21 Nov 2016
Major revision to align with 2016 amendments to FNSW GDR
Nov 2017 16 Nov 2017 Modify 5.1 to amend the process of appointment of members to bodies
Feb 2018 22 Feb 2018 New clauses 16.1 b and c and amended 16.1 c to give effect to introduction of Temporary Dismissals
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