G. & D. Regulations


5.1 Appointment of Body Members

a) The Management Committee shall, in whatever manner it sees fit, determine a pool of eligible members to sit on bodies referred to in 4 above.

b) The Disciplinary Director shall, from time to time, appoint eligible Chairpersons in accordance with section 20 of the GHFA Constitution to chair the GPT or AT.

c) The Disciplinary Director shall, from time to time, appoint members to sit on the GPT or AT.

d) In exceptional circumstances the Disciplinary Director may appoint additional person(s) for example, a person not affiliated with GHFA to sit on a GPT or AT hearing who are not Tribunal Members or reserve members if the Board determines that a matter requires special attention or expertise. The Board may delegate this power to the General Manager, either generally, or in respect of the particular case.

e) The General Manager shall not be a member of the DC or the GPT.

f) Current members of The Board shall not be a member of the AT or GPT.

5.2 Composition of a Body

(a) The DC shall comprise of a minimum of two (2) and maximum of three (3) members in order to make valid decisions under section 7.

(b) A Tribunal shall comprise a minimum of three (3) and maximum of five (5) Tribunal members (including the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson) in order to make a valid Determination under sections 8 and 9.

5.3 Qualification of Body Members

(a) Each member of a Body shall have:

  1. the ability to exercise independent judgment; and
  2. the requisite knowledge and/or experience of football, FFA and FNSW Rules and Regulations, and GHFA Rules and Regulations, appropriate for membership of the relevant Body.

5.4 Term

Tribunal members shall be appointed for a term of twelve (12) months unless he or she has resigned or been removed pursuant to section 5.5

5.5 Resignation and Removal of Body Members

(a) A Member of a Body may resign by providing notice in writing to the General Manager, who shall report the correspondence to the Board.

(b) The Board may remove any person from a Body at any time provided, it has either received a written recommendation from the General Manager which outlines the reason or reasons for the removal or the Management Committee recommends the removal of the person, and the person has had an opportunity to respond to the Board in writing to such recommendation.

(c) The Board may replace a Member of a Body who resigns or is removed with a person from the pool of eligible members determined under section 5.1(a)

5.6 Code of Conduct for Body Members

(a) The Board shall create and maintain a Code of Conduct for Body Members.

(b) The Code of Conduct for Body Members shall be made publicly available via the GHFA website or any other means the Board deems fit.

(c) Upon appointment by the Board a member of a Body agrees to be bound by and to comply with the Code of Conduct for Body Members.

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