G. & D. Regulations


6.1 Correspondence and Prescribed Forms

All correspondence in relation to any matter under these Regulations must be made electronically and directed to the email address set out in Schedule 2.

6.2 Match Official Reports

(a) In order to ensure the efficiency of disciplinary and conduct matters, a Match Official must send to Gladesville-Hornsby Football Referees Association (GHFRA) Match Official Reports in the manner and within the time prescribed by GHFRA. GHFRA will then provide those reports to GHFA by mid-day on the Tuesday following the weekend's games setting out the following:

i. any Yellow Card and Red Card Offences issued during the Match (including the categorisation of Offences) and
ii. any serious incident that took place including the expulsion of a team official from the Technical Area.

(b) All Match Official Reports must be sent to the email addresses supplied by GHFA.

(c) Match Official Incident Reports should include details concerning any Spectator behaviour.

(d) For the avoidance of doubt, facts contained in Match Official Reports are presumed to be true and accurate unless proven otherwise.

(e) A copy of a Match Official Incident Report which has resulted in a matter being referred to a Body shall be provided by the General Manager to each relevant Participant or Club who has been identified in a Match Official Incident Report and is the subject of such referral.

(f) For the avoidance of doubt, a body is not bound by the categorisation of any offence by a match official

(g) In order to ensure that GHFA provides a fair and transparent system to Members under these Regulations and to assist Bodies in arriving at their decisions, in completing Match Official Reports, Match Officials must:

  1. complete their Match Official reports independent of any other Match Official involved in the match and of any potential witnesses;
  2. as far as reasonably possible, clearly state what they actually saw and/or heard in relation to the incident(s) and clearly distinguish that from what others have told them;
  3. as far as is reasonably possible in respect of words spoken by a Participant, record those using the words actually spoken enclosed in quotation marks; and
  4. as far as is reasonably possible state how they identified the Participant

(h) A Match Official may seek assistance from a member of a Referees Body in completing a Match Official Report provided that member was not a Match Official involved in the match and is not otherwise a witness to the incident(s) the subject of the Match Official Report

(i) No determination of a Body will be quashed or held invalid by reason only of the failure of a Match Official to comply with the above sections 6.2 (a) or 6.2 (b)

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